Thursday, August 22, 2013

Use The Portal For Access To Technology At Elmhurst College

From the Office of Information Services  (2013-08-22)

An Important Technology Update – The Portal, BlueNet, and Blackboard

Hello again, everyone. With the full launch of the My Elmhurst Campus Portal, you only need to go to one place to access Bluenet, Blackboard, and much more, often without the need for multiple logins. In order to make all of this work together well, some links that you have typically used are no longer available. Here’s a quick summary of how to proceed in this new world:

To get to BlueNet: Login to the Portal at using your Technology Account and click on BlueNet Services. You will automatically land in BlueNet.

To get to Blackboard (today): Login in to the Portal using your Technology Account and click on Blackboard. You will automatically land in Blackboard.

To get to Blackboard (very soon): There will be a new link called My Courses coming in the Portal that will take you directly to your individual Blackboard courses.

To search for courses from the College’s home page: Click on the new Search for Courses button at the bottom of the home page under Academics. You will go right to the Search for Courses page in BlueNet without the need for a login.

To get to the Portal from the College’s home page: Follow the little My Elmhurst link near the top left of the College’s home page. It will take you to the login page for the Portal.

The moral of the story: If you want to find something, just go to the Portal. Use your Technology Account.

Questions? Contact the Help Desk at x3767 or or visit

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