Monday, September 30, 2013

Circuits On The Web

Circuits On The Web (2013-09-30)
For electronics classes or Makers in general, a new (to me anyway) website, 123dCircuits, lets you create a circuit and share it online.  It even has an Arduino simulator so you can fully design your shield program and breadboard circuit before risking any sensitive components.  

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Evolution of BYOD

The Evolution of BYOD (2013-09-26)

There was a time when bringing your own computer to campus meant that a student was bringing it for their dorm room - and connectivity wasn't a question.  Today, most students have at least two, a phone and a laptop, and some add to this a tablet, an ebook reader, a WiFi connected music player, etc.   Most of those grab a WiFi signal as soon as it comes into range.  Will this trend continue?  Will there soon come a day when our students will look like carnival rides, emitting multi-hued radio if we could see it?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Email Etiquette

Email Etiquette (2013-09-20)

As we enter the new semester I would like to offer this from TED Curator Chris Anderson.  Much of the advice surrounding email, as well as all other online correspondence, concerns maintaining a civil tone.  This is one is different, it deals with making your readers' lives a bit easier.

10 Rules to Reverse the Email Spiral

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wireless, Blackboard, Email and the Portal

From the Office of Information Services  (2013-09-03)
The Office of Information Services (OIS) has issued a new technology update today.  The big news is the activation of a new campus wide WiFi system called "Elmhurst College".  You will find it in all of the academic buildings south of Alexander.  This eliminates the need to switch between building-named WiFi systems as you move around campus.

For more details on this and other items, including information on the new version of Blackboard, more tips on email consolidation, and the advantages of the portal, please see this document on Google Drive:  OIS Announcement of September 3, 2013.