Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Getting All Of Your Email (2013-08-27)

Some students have expressed frustration with communicating with their instructors because they assume that the instructor email addresses contain @net.elmhurst.edu like theirs do.  If you are happy reading email in two separate systems each day (Gmail and Outlook), then you have no problem and, presumably, your students are not frustrated.  But, there is an easy way to set your email systems up so that you need only read one system to get the email from both.  This has the added benefit that you will also be assured of getting the email that is generated by Google Apps for Education (GAfE) for events of interest such as files being shared with you.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Use The Portal For Access To Technology At Elmhurst College

From the Office of Information Services  (2013-08-22)

An Important Technology Update – The Portal, BlueNet, and Blackboard

Hello again, everyone. With the full launch of the My Elmhurst Campus Portal, you only need to go to one place to access Bluenet, Blackboard, and much more, often without the need for multiple logins. In order to make all of this work together well, some links that you have typically used are no longer available. Here’s a quick summary of how to proceed in this new world:

Friday, August 16, 2013

Instructional Technology at Elmhurst College: After the First Year

It has been a bit over a year since I started as the Instructional Technologist at Elmhurst College.  A fair amount of that time was spent learning what-was-where, who-was-who, and what-was-what.  While I can't say that I know all of the answers to all of those questions, something that has become apparent to me is that I need more paths of communication to the faculty.  In addition, I have found that I also need an informal path of communication to our students.

A New Way to Access Your Technology Resources

From The Office of Information Services  2013-08-16

As the range of electronic resources we all use continues to grow, we’ve been hard at work to streamline your access to the tools you need and to ensure that you can do so securely. Starting this fall term, your eNumber and your Technology Account password will be needed to access public computers, including those in the Library and campus computer labs; accounts on many College systems; and many office computers. In addition, the My Elmhurst Campus Portal is now fully open for business, giving you a single place to go for such things as BlueNet, Blackboard, College email, the Elmhurst College Online Center, and much more. Your eNumber and Technology Account password are all you now need to access all of these resources, including the Portal.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013