Friday, August 16, 2013

A New Way to Access Your Technology Resources

From The Office of Information Services  2013-08-16

As the range of electronic resources we all use continues to grow, we’ve been hard at work to streamline your access to the tools you need and to ensure that you can do so securely. Starting this fall term, your eNumber and your Technology Account password will be needed to access public computers, including those in the Library and campus computer labs; accounts on many College systems; and many office computers. In addition, the My Elmhurst Campus Portal is now fully open for business, giving you a single place to go for such things as BlueNet, Blackboard, College email, the Elmhurst College Online Center, and much more. Your eNumber and Technology Account password are all you now need to access all of these resources, including the Portal.

If you are already actively in the Portal: Just keep doing what you’re doing. The password you use to enter the Portal is your Technology Account password.

If you are a new student but have not yet used the Portal: Simply use your eNumber and the password you created when you activated your Technology Account this summer.

If you are a continuing student, a member of the Faculty, or a member of the Staff and are not yet using the Portal: Use your eNumber and the password you were given for your College email. Please note that if you are using Gmail and if you changed your password directly with Google, you will need to contact the Help Desk to get your original password as changes you make at Google are not available to us.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE TEST your eNumber and Technology Account password NOW by either logging in to the Portal or by using a campus computer that requires a login. Doing so will ensure that any misunderstandings regarding passwords or any other issues can be cleared up before classes begin.

FOR ASSISTANCE: Please contact the Help Desk by phone at (630) 617-3767, by email at, or by live chat available on the Help Desk Website at

My colleagues and I appreciate your patience during this transition. We are confident that the new level of service that is becoming available, and that will grow with us into the future, is well worth any possible inconveniences that may occur at this time. As always, I welcome your thoughts, questions and feedback.


Jim Kulich
Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Elmhurst College

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